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Interplay Learning

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Since 2016, Austin-based Interplay Learning has been building better training, better careers and better lives for their customers and their employees. Their award-winning online and VR training for the essential skilled trades is scalable and more effective than traditional training methods. By leveraging their immersive learning platform, SkillMill, their customers are able to train and practice hands-on learning from any device or in virtual reality. The result is a highly trained employee who is job-ready in weeks, not years.
With topics such as HVAC, electrical, plumbing and more, learning technical skills and becoming certified has never been easier.

Accessing Interplay Learning

Complete the registration form below and a link to access Interplay Learning will be emailed to you by the next business day.  You will click the link in the email to finish setting up your account and redeem your seat. Once you have followed the link, you will be prompted to create an account using the email you have designated below, and a personal password.  From there you will be prompted to complete a welcome assessment in a field of your choosing.  

Your access will expire after 21 days of receiving the email invitation. Once this time has expired you will need to sign up using this form again to redeem your seat or join the waitlist.

You will need to provide your BiblioTech Library Card/Barcode Number to register.
To register for Interplay Learning, please complete and submit this form.